Dry Hire venue in Birmingham

What is a dry hire venue

Dry hire venues are becoming increasingly popular with clients who want to book a venue without any additional services or cost. These days customers want choice and this includes opting for their own catering, music, decor and staff etc. There are a few dry hire venues in Birmingham but at City Banqueting we offer a large hall which is City Centre located but at an affordable price.

Why book a dry hire Venue

Booking a hire dry hire venue gives you more control over your event. If you are on a tight budget then opting for a dry hire venue such as City Banqueting can help you manage your costs by allowing you to pick and choose only the parts of the package you really want.

Dry hire bookings are also more suitable for your guests because you only pay for what you need, and you everything else you can choose yourself giving you a more tailored and bespoke event.

What to remember about dry hire venues

Dry hire venues typically will have lower prices but this means you will need to ensure you book your other services well in advance. Many customers opt to choose their own DJs and musicians, food and drinks suppliers and decor, lighting and entertainment. At a dry hire venue this is always the responsibility of the client. However, at City Banqueting if you feel you need any support at any time our management staff will be happy to assist.

How to book a dry hire venue in Birmingham

The easiest way to book a dry hire venue in Birmingham is to call City Banqueting on 0121 622 5558. Our expert staff will do their best to understand your event and offer unbiased advice as to what you will need to host a brilliant event.

We are more than happy to provide details of caterers, musicians, DJs, entertainment and other services if you need help.

We are a very diverse venue and have had the pleasure of hosting a number of different cultural events. We specialise in birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, wakes, christenings, and corporate and religious functions.

Once we have understood your requirements and given you our tips on an exciting event we will invite you in and show you what else City Banqueting has to offer.

Why choose City Banqueting as your dry hire venue in Birmingham

At City Banqueting we are an excellent choice for dry hire in Birmingham. Your guests will have access to our large halls, with dancefloor space, perfect for any occasion. As well as this we are situated in a prime city centre location which is easy to get to for everyone. We also have experience of hosting a number of dry hire bookings and therefore we are well prepared to handle any situation including if you need help with other services or if you need us to manage specific elements of your event.

Get in touch today to book an appointment and we will be happy to help plan your event.

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